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Our Mission

insert The National Maintenance Training Center (NMTC) provides technical and tactical logistics training for sustainment units, through the use of Subject Matter Experts (SME) training logistics warriors in a scalable full spectrum operations environment. NMTC SME’s conduct staff/simulations exercises, quartermaster and two levels of maintenance (Field and Sustainment) training on “new” theater-specific modern equipment and logistic enabler systems.


Our goal is to be the Army’s premier sustainment training center that specializes in providing scalable leadership, technical, and tactical training to logistics warriors to support the war fighter.

Our Commitment

We will provide you with the jobs, tools, parts, instruction, and the environment to improve your collective maintenance abilities. Our facility is completely controlled by the rotating company including physical security, accountability, and safety. The NMTC staff are available to teach, coach, and provide honest feedback and evaluations. Your company commander will also leave with a lessons learned binder that contains everything that was documented on your company during the rotation including Daily Evaluations, Daily AARs, Briefing Critiques, and other administrative information. We strive to provide the best training environment and opportunity anywhere for a Maintenance and Logistics.